Lake Projects

The Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association has a special relationship with this great fishery. When it needed us most we were there. But its needs never end. With that in mind, the LFSA continues to be there to meet the needs of the lake. Because of the tournament pressure on the lake it is critical that every effort be made to protect and care for the fish caught during tournaments.


The Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association’s most visible presence on the lake is our 24 foot Live Release Pontoon boat. The LRB was acquired in 2000 through the efforts of LFSA members Jesse Parker and Don Hampton.

The LRB is equipped with three 100 gallon tanks that are aerated as well as oxygenated. The water is medicated to help reduce the stress on the fish until they can be returned to the lake.

We enjoy a better that 99% survival success rate. The LRB is provided to tournaments at no charge; on average we support over 40 tournaments each year. All a tournament needs to do is let us know we are needed.

LFSA members participate in training sessions, explaining the proper operation of the Live Release Boat. Experienced members explain the oxygen system, the Dissolve Meter and proper fizzing procedures. This training ensures that the fish returned to the lake have a very good chance to survive.

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